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NTBAA Scholarships

NTBAA is pleased to announce to our membership the availability of the NTBAA Career Advancement Scholarship (CAS).

The NTBAA CAS is for current NTBAA members with at least one year of membership in good standing with awarded funds to be used by recipients for a specific aviation related class, course or event that enhances their current aviation position and/or career. 

Some examples include: 
  • Conferences (BACE, S&D, IOC, BASS, etc.)
  • Certifications (CAM, Dispatcher, etc.)
  • PDP Courses
  • Other courses/events that will advance your career
NTBAA will award scholarships of varying amounts throughout the fiscal year and is dependent on number of applicants, completed online application, financial need of recipient, and the availability of funds through NTBAA. Total scholarship amounts and total number of recipients per year will be determined by NTBAA Board of Directors and the Scholarship Committee.

NOTE: The NTBAA CAS is for non-collegiate based classes/programs. Applications for collegiate based classes/programs should be submitted through one of the approved NTBAA collegiate programs (ERAU, UNT, or TCC).

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